A new plea for helping hands

As you probably know, because you are likely to hear us begging all the time, we are always in need of helpers.

We always make Billingley Village Hall spick and span for all hirers but the cleaning is very time consuming for those few people who seem to be always doing it.

We don’t think that’s fair.

We can always hire in cleaners but that is costly and we don’t want to spend villagers’ money on cleaning when we could get it done by villagers themselves.

So, we have decided to set a regular time of the week that will become known as the hall cleaning time. It will be on a Friday morning at 10am and will start on Friday 13th February.

If you are able to come down to the hall any Friday morning to help do some cleaning we will provide free teas and coffees. It might even become a new social occasion!

If we can’t make this system work then we will have to reconsider whether we pay for more cleaning.

Please try to give us your support and also pass on this news around the village for those who don’t do social media. Thank you.

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