Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 26.6.17

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 26.6.17 at 6.45pm

Billingley Village Hall

Present        In Attendance

Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna One resident

Cllr Beech

Cllr Thompson


Cllr Saunders

Cllr Coates

The Chair opened the meeting at 6.45pm.

Public Participation

No comments made

Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllr Coates and Cllr Saunders

Minutes of the Meeting

There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes of the Annual Meeting and the previous minutes were signed by the Chair.

Declarations of interest

None were raised.

Matters arising

6.1 Speed ReductionNothing further to report at present.


6.2 Memorial update – Options are currently being explored and advice is being taken.

6.3 Bus shelter update- The Chair has been in touch with South Yorkshire transport and they have confirmed the shelter is still on the hot spot list; however, BMBC are saying they consider it a low priority with current budget restraints. There is nothing further we can do at this stage.

6.4 Dearne Valley footpath update – The Chair has been informed, that a service action was raised, following a request by the Clerk on 16/11/16, that the footpath be repaired. The Chair has tried to gain further updates as to any progress. He has been informed, by Steve Egley, that he has contacted his colleagues to ask about any potential resurfacing and has requested his colleagues look at the issue; however, no one has provided an update as yet.


We have been contacted by the Seafarers organisation regarding flying a flag for Merchant Navy Day. The Chair proposed passing this to the Village Hall Committee, as they would manage use of the flag pole. It was agreed that Billingley PC would make the offer of funding the purchase of the flag should the Village Hall wish to support the event.

An e-mail was received from YLCA regarding a circular e mail from Friends of the Earth, under the Freedom of Information Act. We haven’t received this e mail as a council. Action: Chair to inform the YLCA and provide our response.


8.1 Invoices and Cheques

The Chair asked approval to submit the following invoices. This was agreed by all councilors and cheque number 000266 issued.

£ 2.40 For postage (registered mail) for the audit

£ 4.40 Paving stones

£ 12.64 Fuel for lawn mower

£ 41.20 Toner for printer

8.2 Balance sheet of accounts and Current balance

The balance as of 16/5/17 was £3386.34


Bank Current Account




Cheque Number


31st Mar 17




1st Apr 17




8th May 17




26th June 2017




26th June 2017




8.3 The Insurance renewal premium for this year is £426.92. Cheque 000267 was issued.

8.4 Transparency Fund – Final applications are currently being invited under the transparency fund. Cllr Beech advised councils could make second applications and suggested applying for cartridges, laminator, hard drive, toner, printers. It was agreed the Clerk would make a further application. Action: Clerk and Councillors to consider requirements.

8.5 The annual audit needs to be published from tomorrow. This will be available on the village notice board and also the village web page. The Clerk was asked, and agreed, to purchase a gift for Mr. Watters, in thanks for his work on the audit.

Flat Lane report

The Chair has made numerous contacts with BMBC regarding the state of Flat Lane, and is pleased to provide the following update. A manager has now visited

Flat Lane and has agreed it is in need of work carrying out. From the 2nd of October, BMBC, will shut the road for 5 days and carry out the work required. The Chair has thanked him for this response. Spraying of weeds has also been undertaken on the footpath. Cllr Beech suggested notice of this be displayed to residents. Action: Chair will produce a notice for display.

Love Where You Live – Clean-up day

The Chair reported that eight volunteers, including councillors, turned up and carried out work around the village. He thanked everyone for their time.

Service of Lawn Mower

The Chair is experiencing problems with the lawn mower and has suggested a service is required. Permission was agreed to go ahead with the service. Action: Chair to arrange.

Feedback from the South Yorkshire Branch YLCA meeting

Cllr Beech provided feedback from South Yorkshire Branch of Yorkshire Local Councils Associations meeting held on 21/6/17

AGM – as this meeting was the AGM, the election of officers took place. All posts were filled and deputies agreed within the meeting.

Representation by Parish Councils to Local Planning Authorities and Boards –the draft proposal raised for submission by South Yorkshire branch to the Joint Executive Board of NALC, was agreed as follows:

That the NALC lobby Government for a change in legislation to provide that, no delegated decision making power should be afforded to Officers at Local Planning Authorities on planning applications where town or parish councils have submitted objections to that application (based of legitimate material considerations and planning law). Therefore, such planning applications must be heard by the relevant Committee of the Local Planning Authority.

Suggested action – As a council we have already adopted a policy to support individual representations. Additionally, that as a council we make a representation.

Voting representationIt was noted that some councils had not responded with their named nomination for the above. Failure to do so would eliminate voting

rights. Billingley Parish Council has recorded in council minutes

and responded to YLCA on this matter.

Training for Parish Councils – a training programme had been issued and further one day events are being planned in the near future. Suggested action – review these programmes and check any requirements for training of councilors. This adds to the ‘meet the must’ of a good parish council. This programme is available on the YLCA website. Proposed item for a future meeting agenda.

New Good Councilors Guide – a new guide had been published. Suggested action – it is unquantifiable what changes have been made. The cost of this publication is £3.20. Cllr Beech suggested we should obtain a copy of the booklet either digitally or hard copy to circulate for all to countersign as read and accept.

Guide to Finance and Transparency for Local Councils – a new booklet has been published and provides a guide for smaller local authorities. Suggested action – we should obtain a copy and the RFO and Gordon Watters be asked to check areas of compliance and report back to a future meeting.

Data Protection – a new data protection publication guide has been published. In this document, it proposes the appointment of a data control officer in 2018. The YLCA is checking this requirement in relation to its impact on smaller authorities and Parish Councils. Suggested action – we should check the robustness of our data and information retained electronically. Potential for addition to Billingley PC Risk Assessment document.

Digital Transparency Fund – grants continue to be available as previously reported. However, this is the last year of funding. The pot of money is now becoming limited as various councils had applied already in this new financial year. YLCA strongly recommend that Parish Councils assess any requirements for funding and ongoing maintenance to meet the requirements of digital transparency. Suggested action – Review our requirements for computers, peripherals and time. One consideration could be the purchase of a colour printer and inks for leaflets and posters. Additionally, we could purchase a laminator for village notice boards or other signage that we may require from time to time in the village.

The next meeting will be held in Billingley Village Hall, as per the suggestion of Cllr Beech.

13. Fly Tipping

Cllr Beech suggested we put a poster up regarding how to report fly tipping and encourage residents to report these incidents. Something along the lines of don’t let people spoil your village – report it. Action: Chair to produce.

14. Date and time of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held on the 11th Sept at 6.45pm.

The Chair closed the meeting at 7.26 pm and thanked all for their attendance and contributions


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