Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 11.9.17

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 11.9.17 at 6.45pm

Billingley Village Hall

Present                                                 In Attendance


Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna                                          Two residents

Cllr Beech                                              A Fawcett (Clerk)

Cllr Thompson

Cllr Archibald




Cllr Saunders

Cllr Coates


The Chair opened the meeting at 6.45pm.



  1. Public Participation


No comments made


  1. Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Coates and Cllr Saunders



  1. Minutes of the Meeting


These were agreed by all as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.  Cllr Beech requested that a final draft of the minutes is sent to Councilors as soon as finalised.



  1. Co-option of new Parish Councilor


Iain Archibald has accepted the position of Councilor.  The Chair welcomed him to the meeting.  The acceptance and declaration of interest forms were signed.



  1. Declarations of interest


None were raised.


  1. Matters arising


7.1 Memorial update –Cllr Thompson was requested by the Chair to discuss with the conservation team at Brodsworth Hall (Local English Heritage Site) the comments made by a member of the public at a previous meeting re upkeep of the marble.  A report was provided and is attached to these minutes.  The Chair suggested that we look to obtain an estimate regarding the re- lettering and then look at funding options.  Cllr Beech reinforced the point that there is no urgency to undertake this and all options should be properly explored prior to a decision being made.   The remaining Councilors were in agreement.


7.2 Dearne Valley footpath – The Chair reported that the Council are still unable to say if they will be able to proceed due to funding issues.  Moreover, that they are looking at potential future plans for the A635 highway, until such time as they know what if any action is needed for the A635, they are unlikely to undertake any work on repairing the footpath.


7.3 Merchant Navy Update- The flag has been raised and flown for the week in support of the Merchant Navy Day.  It is suggested that we repeat this for the anniversary every year.


7.4 Transparency Fund –A submission was made for further equipment, however, this has been declined due to the previous submission made.



  1. Finances


8.2 Invoices and Cheques


An invoice has been submitted for:

£113.21 for service and repairs to the lawn mower – Cheque number 0000268 has been issued.

Invoice submitted for


Flag for Merchant Navy Day – £42.36

Petrol for lawn mower – £12.05

Line for strimmer and paint – £16.88


Total of £71.29


It was agreed to reimburse the Chair for these invoices, cheque no 00270 was issued at the meeting.

8.3 Balance sheet of accounts and Current balance


The balance as of 23/8/17 stands at £2775.57 this includes a cheque 000269 issued for £10 paid into the savings account – due to a deposit being required into the savings account to keep it active on a yearly basis.  The savings account as of the 26/7/17 stands at £1691.13 including said cheque.


  Bank Current Account
Date Receipts & Invoices Payments Cheque Number Balance
31st Mar 17 Precept £1579.00 £3592.34
1st Apr 17 YLCA membership £116.00 000264 £3476.34
8th May 17 Room Hire £90.00 000265 £3386.34
26th June 2017 Toner




£60.64 000266 £3325.70
26th June 2017 Zurich Insurance £426.92 000267 £2898.78
26th July 2017 Fosters – service for lawn mower £113.21 000268 £2785.57
23rd August


Into savings £10 000269 £2775.57
11th September 2017 Flag



Strimmer line

£71.29 000270 £2704.28


8.4 Audit Update The Clerk has received a call re a minor issue/query with the audit, but official feedback has not yet been received.



  1. Flat Lane report


The Chair reminded those present that from the 2nd of October, BMBC, will shut the road for 5 days to carry out the work required.



  1. Memorial Service


The Chair will liaise with Mr D Finney re conducting the ceremony and the village hall committee regarding opening up the Hall for refreshments afterwards.


  1. Communications


11.1 On the 10/7 a letter was received re the governance review.  The Chair contacted BMBC to check that our previous responses had been received (they had).  Cllr Beech suggested we should make this a regular item on the agenda to ensure we do not miss any developments that we may need to respond to for the duration of the governance review.


11.2 Residents have approached the Chair re Street light number 2 on Flat Lane, which isn’t fully visible due to overhanging trees.  The Chair has contacted the highways department and they have visited the site, however, they have looked at the base of the light rather than the actual light and responded to say there are no obstructions at the base.  The Chair will follow up.


11.3 An amendment to a previous planning permission approval has been received re Dial House to BMBC planning.  This is to demolish and replace an external stairway (planning app 2016/0898). The Parish council saw no reason to raise any objections to this amendment.


11.4 Cllr Beech advised that the next YLCA meeting will include a speaker from Network Rail to discuss Network Works only (ie tree cutting, access etc) it is not to discuss any HS2 or the running of the Network.  If anyone has any queries, they should forward them through Cllr Beech.  This meeting is being held in Billingley Village Hall, as per Cllr Beech’s previous suggestion.




  1. Date and time of the next meeting


The next meeting will be held on the 13th November at 6.45pm. 



The Chair closed the meeting at 7.30pm and thanked everyone for attending.




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