Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 20/6/16

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 20/6/16 at 7pm

Billingley Village Hall


Document Reference BPC Minutes June 2016

Present                                                         In Attendance


Cllr M Fenna (Chair)                                    Julie Beech (Minutes)

Cllr S Fenna                                                 3 residents

Cllr Thompson                                              Cllr Coates

Cllr Beech                                                     Cllr Saunders




Angela Fawcett (Clerk)


The Chair opened the meeting at 7pm.



  1. Public Participation


Mrs Barbara Moore raised the subject of changes to the bus service covering Billingley. She would be happy to pass on the information she had gathered to the Chair. The Chair agreed to contact the local transport providers again to request the retention of the current route to Barnsley which is now under threat. He would copy Councillors Coates and Saunders into this communication in order for them to create and send their own emails. Action: Chair and Councillors to email the local transport providers


Information on the proposed new routes would be posted on the notice Board. Action: Cllr Coates


  1. Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.

  1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting


There were no matters of accuracy from the minutes of the Annual General  Meeting held on 9th May 2016 and were accepted as a true record.


  1. Matters arising


Speed Reduction – The Chair had posted information regarding our current position on speed control though the village to all residents. He had also contacted Steve Croft (BMBC Highways Dept.) again and had received a reply on 9th June 2016 informing him of the council’s plan to carry out a speed survey and vehicle count in High Street over seven days within the next couple of weeks (The Chair read out the full reply from Mr Croft). If the equipment was not in place by the end of this week the Chair would chase up the matter. Action: Chair to chase Steve Croft if necessary.

Various other options to control speeding through the village were suggested. Purchasing our own signs that could be mounted on poles through the village (it was pointed out that this would need BMBC permission); purchasing wheelie bin slow down stickers; direct action by residents sited at each end of village at strategic times.



The Chair reported that the laptop and scanner using the YLCA grant would be purchased in the next few weeks.


No updates were available from Cllr Coates. Action: Cllr Coates to update at next meeting



  1. Financial Update





  1. Zurich Insurance for Billingley PC and monument £412.56

Renewal date 28th July 2016                                 Cheque No. 253

  1. Mike Fenna in respect of Love Where You Live £64.57                                    materials – bench timbers, paint, fuel               Cheque No. 254



The above were accepted and cheques signed.


Ink cartridges and printer/scanner


These were yet to be purchased.


Approve accounts


The year-end accounts as at 31st March 2016 were approved and signed by the Chair. These had been internally audited and would now be sent to BDO (the accountants) by 30th June 2016 together with the PC minute documenting this. Action: Chair to forward to BDO with details of 20/6/2016 minute reference


Re-appoint Angela Fawcett as Responsible Officer (Governance) and as our Parish Clerk (Governance)


Cllr Thompson read out the following statement by means of an explanation of this action.


“In line with the policy of the Parish Council, we are reviewing all documents relating to the correct running of parish council business, bringing everything up to the Legal Requirements demanded by Government. It has become necessary to ask our Parish Clerk who also acts as our Responsible Officer to sign a new Contract of Employment which contains new conditions.”


This was agreed by all Councillors.


Balance sheet of accounts


Billingley Parish Council April 2016 – March 2017 (as at 9th May 2016)


Bank Current Account
Date Receipts Payments Balance
1st April 2016 £1552.00 precept   £5133.41
9th May 2016   £80.00 Lawnmower £5053.41
9th May 2016   £115.00 YLCA £4938.41
9th May 2016   £700.00 Noticeboard £4238.41
9th May 2016   £651.08 LWYL materials £3587.33
9th May 2016   £175.00 Clerk’s salary – charitable donation £3412.33



Bank Savings Account
Date Opening Balance Receipts Payments Balance


Bank Accounts


It was agreed that in order to keep the slow moving savings account live, a nominal transfer would be made from the current account into the savings account. Action: Chair to effect the transfer





Financial reporting of items of over £100


A Parish Council Asset Register had been drawn up as at May 2016. All items under and over £100 were now listed in this register.



 Review of signatories


The bank signatories had now been amended. Two out of the three signatories could now sign to cover all eventualities.



  1. Proposed development at Middlecliffe


The proposal for the development at Middlecliffe was still with Barnsley MBC.


  1. Governance and Accountability document


There was nothing new to report on this document. (This item would remain as a regular item on future agendas)


  1. Risk Assessment update of changes


The current schedule was reviewed and dates changed accordingly.

Action: Cllr Beech would update the document.


When the new laptop was in use, all Council documents would be electronically backed up on a regular basis. Action: Clerk to back up documents


The Chair would check with the Clerk if contractor’s indemnity insurance was included in our current insurance policy. Action: Chair to contact Clerk


Cllr Beech brought to the attention of the meeting the return of the extra monies granted to the Council for the defibrillator as this was not mentioned in any past minutes. The Chair located the item in September 2015 on last year’s accounts.



  1. Love Where You Live – Clean up


The Chair thanked all those that had helped in the clean-up held on Saturday 11 June 2016. 4 residents (Gordon Watters, Beryl Davis, Julie Beech and Sue Davies) 4 parish councillors and Julie Beech all attended what was agreed to have been a successful morning. The PC expressed disappointment in the turnout of volunteers.



  1. Communications


Item from authorities regarding changes to buses routes etc. received (see point 1 above).


Information regarding bus travel passes for passengers aged between 11-16 years and 16-18 years had been confirmed. For information on who would be eligible please see www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/travelpasses/.


The Chair had contacted BMBC about vegetation, on and overgrowing local footpaths, but was unsure if this would expedite any action. Cllr Coates advised that due to the recent spate of wet weather, BMBC were trying to catch up on their grass/verges cutting programme.


Cllr Beech informed the meeting that BMBC website now had a link to BVCA website where our minutes and documents are available to view.


Gary Kelsall (BVCA website) had contacted the BVCA committee and they were happy to expand the Parish Council section. The councillors were appreciative of this. Cllr Beech would contact Gary Kelsall to discuss various matters with him. Action: Cllr Beech to contact Gary Kelsall



  1. Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting –the next meeting will be held on Monday 12th September 2016 at 7pm.



The Chair closed the meeting closed at 7.45pm and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.

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