Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on the 8/5/17

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on the 8/5/17 at 6.45pm

in Billingley Village Hall.

Present                                                                     In Attendance                                 

Cllr D Beech                                                             3 Residents

Cllr S Fenna                                                             Mr. G Watters (joined for agenda item 10)

Cllr M Fenna

Cllr M Thompson



  1. Election of Chair

Cllr Beech nominated Cllr M Fenna to continue as Chair.  This was seconded by Cllr Thompson and agreed by Cllr Fenna.

  1. Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Thompson said she wished to stand down as Vice Chair and nominate Cllr Beech.  This was accepted by Cllr Beech and seconded by Cllr S Fenna.

  1. Apologies

No apologies were received.

  1. Declarations of Interest

No declarations were made.

  1. Public Participation

A resident asked if there was any update on the bus shelter and state of repair of the footpath.  The Chair responded saying there had been no further updates received.  The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted them again, after the last meeting, but hadn’t heard anything either.



  1. 6. Public Admissions to Meetings Act 1960

There was no reason to exclude the public for any parts of the meeting.

  1. Minutes of the Previous AM and Previous Meeting

The previous minutes of the AM and the last meeting were agreed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.

  1. Matters Arising

8.1 There has been no feedback from Steve Croft regarding our request for initiatives to reduce speeding but the road markings on Flat Lane have been repainted.

8.2 Memorial and Plaque – Eden Memorials have provided a quote for cleaning the memorial at £720.  This would include cleaning it all and fixing the top (which is coming loose).  There is, however, nothing we couldn’t do ourselves as part of a clean-up day.  They have said we will have trouble with the marble as long as it is outside.  Cllr Thompson suggested we could transfer the names from the marble plaque onto the proper memorial.  Cllr Beech said he would ask for an estimate re the lettering.  Cllr Thompson also thanked Cllr Beech for the work he had done on this.

8.3  Amended documents of BPC documents – The governance documents have been reviewed by all the Councilors. Minor amendments have been made and were accepted for commencement May 2017.

  1. Communications

9.1 Governance meeting held at Barnsley Town Hall

A governance review should be carried out every ten years, however, there hasn’t been one completed in Barnsley for many years.  Consequently, they are undertaking it this year.  The basic premise, for the review, is to make sure Parish Councils are still operating effectively and look at areas such as ratio of Councilors to voters, areas where there has been significant development/ building, areas where there haven’t had elections for quite a while etc.  They are not considering any boundary changes at this stage.  We will receive further correspondence and consultation.

  1. Finance

10.1 Financial Year End Audit – The Clerk provided a copy of the financial return for this year.  An explanation of these was provided by Mr Watters.  The meeting considered the accounting statements and the annual governance statement. Both were approved and signed by the Chair ready for submission.  The Council thanked Mr. Watters for his contribution.

10.2 Receipts received – The precept has now been received into the account -£1579.00.  No other receipts.

10.3 Current balance – The current balance stands at £3476.34


10.4 Balance sheet of accounts


  Bank Current Account
Date Receipts Payments Cheque Number Balance
9th June 2016 Previous statement balance     £3412.33
28th June 2016   £64.57 – Materials Love where you live 000254 £3347.76
29th June 2016   £412.56 Insurance 000253 £2935.20
8th July 2016   £50.00 for petty cash float 000256 £2885.20
12th July 2016   £10.00 payment to savings account 000255 £2875.20
12th sept 2016   £52.08 Ink cartridge and petrol 000257 £2823.12
12th sept 2016   £380.76 Lap top, scanner, ink cartridges x2 and 000258 £2442.36
13th Sept 16   £103.59 Windows package for lap top 000259 £2338.77
14th Nov 16   £85.44 000260 £2253.33
14th Nov 16   £35.00 000261 £2218.33
13th Mar 17   £175.00 000262 £2043.33
20th Mar 17   £29.99 000263 £2,013.34
31st Mar 17 Precept £1579.00   £3592.34
1st Apr 17   £116.00 000264 £3476.34
8th May 17   £90.00 000265 £3386.34





10.5 Payments/Cheques – A cheque for £90 was issued for room hire.  Number 265.


10.6 Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment Schedule


The Council carried out the annual review of these documents and they were agreed and carried forward.



  1. Love where you live


A discussion was held re the next event.  No national events are currently planned.  It was proposed we hold a further day in June.  The date was agreed of 25th June and a flyer will be produced to circulate to residents.


Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The Chair asked if the meeting could be moved forward to the 26th June.  All agreed this was acceptable.  The next meeting will be held on the 26th June at 6.45pm.

The meeting closed at 7.30 pm.


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