Billingley Parish Council Objection to BMBC Local Planning Publication

I am writing in my capacity as Chair for the Billingley Parish Council representing the residents of Billingley Village Community, having had meetings with residents at the village hall. We would as advised in the consultation document, ask that you take these comments to the Local Pan Publication Consultation as though it were from all of the residents of Billingley.

Our concerns with the L.P.P. are to do with the sites D1 and RSV1 to the south of the Dearne Valley Parkway A635 Barnsley Road.

We believe that under the Policies and Proposals Policy GD1 general development both of the proposed sites do NOT meet the majority of statements contained in Policy GD1 in particular paragraphs 1,2 and 5. There will be significant adverse effect on living conditions and residential amenity of Billingley residents. Since the Aldi RDC and the Aldi supermarket were opened noise, light and traffic pollution has increased substantially therefore if these site were to be developed it would have an even more devastating effect on the living conditions of the residents.

The sites in question will Not be compatible with neighbouring land, the land is currently green belt farming land which is compatible with land to the north of the A635. If it were to proceed it would join the conurbations of Darfield and Goldthorpe creating urban sprawl, having a very negative impact on the area and the local landscape.

The sites will have an adverse effect on the environment and natural resources. It is currently Green Belt farm land, which enhances the environment and is an important area for a range of species including barn owl, wildfowl, golden plover, lapwing, yellow hammer and grey partridge. Additionally should marsh harriers breed these are the fields they would frequently use. We have already seen that development in areas such as Manvers Way and Edderthorpe appear to be having an adverse effect and would also have a major impact on the RSPB Old Moor nature reserve. It would be incompatible with the Nature Improvement area and the Dearne Valley Eco-Vision.

Under policy 8 Economy we do not see how any works to the highway will mitigate the effect of any development of Site D1 and RSV1. Since the Aldi RDC and Aldi supermarket and the sites on the Park Springs opened our village is now used even more as a rat run making it very dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles in the village. There are times when the A635 is so busy with traffic that it comes to a complete standstill with traffic backed up beyond the roundabout where Aldi supermarket is on the Dearne Valley Parkway. Just how this can be improved if the sites were to be developed is beyond all reason. We would have more noise, smell, dust, vibration, light and air pollution which would all have a major negative impact on the living conditions of the residents of Billingley.

It is the aim of the BMBC to provide jobs for the local inhabitants yet as we have seen from ASOS and Aldi the numbers of people who are local is so minimal that all these developments have achieved is

to create jobs for other people from other countries and outside our area. They have not helped the local community and it is therefore doubtful that these sites if developed would bring jobs to the local community. Whist we appreciate the need for new sites it is also puzzling why so many existing sites are not fully utilised or occupied. If these were renovated or altered then surely these should be first priority not keep using new land and leaving those sites to become derelict or under used.

Since Brexit we are as a nation going to need all the agricultural land we have and to earmark these sites that are green belt agricultural land for potential use as industrial units would be a total contradiction to the aims of the country to become as self-sufficient as possible with regard to the food chain.

It also concerns us that within the plan it seems to be giving the green light to any Fracking that may be applied for in Barnsley and surrounding areas. We believe that there so many unknowns with regard to Fracking that it should not be given such a carte-blanche approach, our area is still recovering from the effects of the closure of the mining industry and to undo all of the great strides made with regard to the environment that have taken place would be a travesty of the highest order.

We understand the need for job creation and housing and it is not a case of us as residents saying not in my back yard, we are deeply concerned that these proposals will bring such negative results to the area of Barnsley and of course the village of Billingley and its residents.

We the Parish Council and the Billingley Village Community strongly oppose the development of the sites.

Yours faithfully

Mike Fenna chair Billingley Parish Council and for the Billingley Village Community

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