Billingley Parish Council Minutes 9th May 2016

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 9/5/16 at 7pm

in Billingley Village Hall

Present        In Attendance

Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna 1 resident

Cllr Thompson Cllr Coates

Cllr Beech

The Chair opened the meeting at 7pm.

Election of Chair

Cllr S Fenna nominated Cllr M Fenna. This was seconded by Cllr Beech and accepted by Cllr M Fenna.

Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Fenna proposed Cllr Thompson, this was seconded by Cllr Beech and accepted.

Resignation of Councillor

A letter has been received from Cllr Hancock stating that unfortunately, for health reasons, she would be resigning from the post.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations were disclosed and the declaration forms were completed and returned.

Public Participation

A comment was made regarding the Lane leading to Middlecliffe and the litter being left there. Additionally the tyres that had been dumped on Flat Lane. Action: Cllr Coates kindly agreed to report these issues. She also said she would check on when road sweepers were due to clean the area. We have been informed in the past that they are on a 6 weekly cycle but no one has seen evidence of this for some time.

Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

This was considered and it was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of the meeting. Public Admissions to Meetings Act (1960)

Minutes of the previous meeting and annual meeting

There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes which were accepted as a true record. Regarding the previous annual meeting, these were accepted as a matter of record. It was not possible to agree them as at the time of the Annual Meeting there were no serving councillors (as they had all resigned at the previous meeting) and the new Councillors had not yet been elected.

Matters arising

The Chair and Cllr Beech have been exploring alternative ways of securing speed control measures for the village. The Chair stated that he had spoken to someone regarding the grants being offered by the Park Springs Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund and had been advised that in theory it may be possible to apply for a grant for two speed indicator devices (but no guarantee of approval); if support for this is given by BMBC and the application is made by the community association. Consequently, the Chair has spoken to the Highways department and is awaiting a response (the manager is on leave at present). The Chair stated that he has been informed that it has been achieved before in other areas of Barnsley. We need to obtain three quotes. We have secured one so far at an estimate of £6,000 and have asked the Highways department to suggest other companies. Cllr Coates suggested that although the next funding decision is due in October, we should get the application in as soon as we can. Councillors also felt if this was not successful, we should make this part of a longer tem objective / plan for the council. Cllr Coates also said she would raise this at the crime safety partnership and invited other Councillors to attend the meeting if they felt it would be beneficial.

The Chair reported that the bid to the YLCA had been submitted for the laptop and scanner and had been successful and the money was now in the account.

Financial Update

Funds received : £510.00 for printer and lap top

£1552.00 precept

Current Acc balance is £5133.41

Savings Acc balance is £1668.62


£80 lawn mower – chq 247

£651.08 items for Love where you live (individual

items listed separately) – chq 248

£115 YLCA subscription – chq 249

£700 Notice boards – chq 250

The above were accepted and cheques signed.

In addition the Chair asked permission to claim for an ink cartridge due to using it to print flyers etc. This was agreed. Invoice to be submitted.

Additionally paint to touch up the nativity scene. This was agreed but Cllr Coates suggested applying for a ‘Pick up your Paint Brush’ bid and Cllr Beech suggested approaching B&Q who support community projects. If these were unsuccessful, however, then funding was approved.

Also items to repair the bench near the phone box. Mr Hendley has kindly agreed to build it if items are provided and Mr Fielding said he would grind off the existing bolts. Again funding was agreed but Cllr Beech stated he may have some materials we could use or we may get funding from Darfield Alliance.

Financial reporting of items of over £100

All items over £100 should be recorded in the minutes. The Clerk suggested that she submit to each meeting an updated finance spread sheet with all expenditure and incomes on. This was agreed.

Financial Audit

The Clerk reported that all the required paperwork / accounts had been summited to the Mr Watters.

Review of signatories

Due to concerns re family members signing checks for other family members and any conflict of interest, it was decided that Cllr S Fenna would no longer be a signatory and that Cllr Beech would replace her. Consequently there will still be three signatories but only two needed to sign cheques.

Review of Financial regulations

These have been amended and updated and were accepted unanimously. Cllr Thompson noted a vote of thanks to Cllr’s M Fenna and Beech for the work they have done in updating this and the other standing orders and risk assessments.

Clerks donation in lieu of wage

The Clerk stated that the donation in lieu of her wage was due. It was agreed by both Cllr S Fenna and M Fenna and Cllr Thompson, however, Cllr Beech abstained stating he was uncomfortable with the arrangement without knowing that it had been agreed through the proper channels. The Clerk stated that it had and would forward the relevant details. Cheque issues no 251.

Proposed development at Middlecliffe

The Chair wrote to Joe Jenkins BMBC planning) to express concern that we were not made aware of the planning proposal for Middlecliffe. Mr Jenkins responded that there was no requirement to do this, only to notify the Parish Council for that area and local residents. He stated that it does not prevent us from making comments, however, and confirmed that ours had been received.

Love Where You Live – Clean up

The Chair thanked all those that had helped in the last clear up and asked that the thanks be recorded on the Billingley committee website. Action: Clerk to arrange this and promotion of the forthcoming event as below. A further date was set for 11th June 9-11 to coincide with the breakfast club at the village hall. An evening event was also considered as a future possibility. Action: Cllr Coates to invite Tidy Team and would make enquiries regarding weed killing schedule.

Risk Assessment, Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and Billingley e- mail procedures

The standing order’s, risk assessment, code of conduct and e-mail procedures, have either been developed and or updated and circulated to all for comment. These were then unanimously accepted and approved.

Proposed Governance and Accountability Statement

A proposed governance and accountability statement has been received from YLCA. It was agreed that councillors would look at this and bring back to the next meeting.


The Chair reported that the speaker from the most recent meeting, Peter Allison, had responded to a query made at the meeting that he had said he would investigate. He has now responded to say the incident raised actually referred to an old oil well site not an area subject to fracking.


An invitation was received to an evening to celebrate the launch of the Mayoral year. Cllr Thompson said she would be pleased to attend on behalf of the council as the Chair had other commitments. Cllr D Coates will accompany her.

Clerks Direct was received and circulated. Communications in the form of newsletter/updates have also been received from YLCA and Love Where You Live and had been circulated prior to this meeting. An invitation has also been received to attend the YLCA branch meeting and Cllr Beech said he would attend.

Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting –the next meeting will be held on Monday 11th July 2016 at 7pm.

Future dates had been agreed as follows:

Monday 12th September 2016

Monday 14th November 2016

Monday 9th January 2017

Monday 13th March 2017

Monday 8th May 2017 Annual General Meeting

All meetings would commence at 7pm and be held in the Village Hall.

The Chair closed the meeting closed at 8.35pm and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.

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