Billingley Parish Council Minutes 9th January 2017

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 9.1.17 at 6.45pm

Billingley Village Hall


Present                                                 In Attendance


Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna                                          3 residents

Cllr Beech

Cllr Thompson


The Chair opened the meeting at 6.45pm.




  1. Public Participation


No matters were raised.



  1. Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.

  1. Apologies


Apologies received from Cllr Coates and Saunders



  1. Minutes of the Meeting


There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes.



  1. Declarations of interest


None were raised.





  1. Matters arising


6.1 Speed Reduction – Steve Croft has contacted the Chair to say the 7 day and weekday combined flow is so low that we don’t have an issue.  Only 1% were travelling at excess of the threshold for enforcement i.e. above 35 mph.  Results are attached to these minutes.  Cllr Beech stated this shouldn’t prevent us from looking at other options and Councilors will continue to explore what if anything can be achieved.


6.2 Footpaths – Re the footpath bordering the A635 – A response has been received from BMBC Highways department to say they have added it to their work schedule.  The council will monitor progress.  The Chair has also contacted the council to ask about the street cleaning schedule and spraying of the verges on Flat Lane to prevent the vegetation taking over.


6.3 Planning meetings – The Clerk clarified that any additional planning meetings would need to be open to the public.


6.4 Thank you – The Chair thanked Brian Moore, Victor Fielding, Gordon Watters and Barry Senior for the Village Christmas decorations.  Also Marie Louise Archibald for the planting near the memorial.


6.5 Minute Book- The Clerk and Cllr Beech have tried to source a new minute book but these are very expensive.  Cllr Thompson suggested contacting YLCA re the cost if bought through them.  Action: Clerk to contact.



  1. Voluntary contract for the Clerk


The voluntary contract has been submitted and HMRC have agreed they are happy with this agreement.  YLCA are also satisfied.





Communication received regarding copying planning applications.  Advised that Local councils must obtain the required permission from the Local Planning Authority prior to copying, issuing and making available in electronic form all planning applications. Without such permission the copyright owner could take legal action against the council.  However, Joe Jenkinson, Head of Planning and Building Control at Barnsley MBC has confirmed a blanket permission to all parish and town councils in the area to copy planning applications in accordance with the principles laid out in NALC’s Legal Topic Note 60.



Changes to bus routes have been publicised and a request made by a resident that we obtain the routes for local services.  We have obtained some but others are not printed as yet.  These are due to be published end of January and will be forwarded on.


Clerks direct circulated.


Gordon Watters has approached the council to say that he had not been able to obtain a replacement paper recycling bag and contacted the Chair for support.  The Chair has managed to acquire 18 bags if any other residents require one.



  1. Financial Update



9.1 Invoices/Payments –No receipts or invoices since the last meeting.


9.2 Balance – As of the 15th December the balance was £2218.33


Balance sheet of accounts


  Bank Current Account
Date Receipts Payments Cheque Number Balance
9th June 2016 Previous statement balance     £3412.33
28th June 2016   £64.57 – Materials Love where you live 000254 £3347.76
29th June 2016   £412.56 Insurance 000253 £2935.20
8th July 2016   £50.00 for petty cash float 000256 £2885.20
12th July 2016   £10.00 payment to savings account 000255 £2875.20
12th sept 2016   £52.08 Ink cartridge and petrol 000257 £2823.12
12th sept 2016   £380.76 Lap top, scanner, ink cartridges x2 and 000258 £2442.36
13th Sept 16   £103.59 Windows package for lap top 000259 £2338.77
14th Nov 16   £85.44 000260 £2253.33
14th Nov 16   £35.00 000261 £2218.33




Bank Savings Account
Date Opening Balance Receipts Payments Balance
 12th July 2016  £1668.62   £10.00 transfer from current account £1678.62



9.3 Charitable donation – In lieu of not paying a wage to the Clerk, a charitable donation will be made.  If residents have any suggestions, they should submit these to any member of the council prior to the beginning of March.



9.4 Financial plan – this will be agreed at the next meeting.


9.5 Precept – Following a split vote between a proposal of 1.75% and 2% the Chair cast his vote in favour of 1.75.  Agreed precept should be set at 1.75 % to cover inflation.  Action: Clerk will inform BMBC.




  1. Love Where you Live


10.1 Monitoring form for grant – The monitoring form was submitted after the last meeting and we have had no feedback so we presume everything is satisfactory.


10.2 Village Tidy Up-The Chair questioned whether we need another meeting to ask the residents again what they want to happen and to try and get more people involved.  The councilors agreed with this.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting.


There is a Great British Tidy up event from the 3rd to 5th March and your Parish Council is suggesting the 5th March as a village clean up day to mark this, we will advise once we have all the details.  Cllr Beech will register the village and see if there any materials we can use.


There is a plaque, in a resident’s garage, obtained, for the millennium that could be situated near the memorial.  However, we would need to check if it is suitable for being sited outside.  Additionally, the inscription on the memorial needs refurbishing and we probably need someone to look at it and advise re the weathering.  Action: Cllr Thompson will speak to someone regarding this.

  1. Date and time of the next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Monday 13th March at 6.45pm


Future meeting dates to be discussed at the next meeting.


The Chair closed the meeting at 7.45 and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.



Speed Survey


The speed survey was carried out over a 7 day period commencing 12th July 2016 and the equipment was located adjacent to lighting column number 5. The results are as follows;


7 day combined flow –                  average speed = 24.5 mph           85th percentile speed = 27.12 mph

7 day northbound flow –               average speed = 23.95 mph        85th percentile speed  = 26.58 mph

7 day southbound flow –               average speed = 24.96 mph        85th percentile speed = 27.38 mph


Weekday combined flow –           average speed = 24.1 mph           85th percentile speed = 26.5 mph

Weekday northbound flow –      average speed = 23.5 mph           85th percentile speed = 26.0 mph

Weekday southbound flow –      average speed = 24.5 mph           85th percentile speed = 26.7 mph


The speed limit on high Street is 30mph and these results show an exceptional level of compliance with the posted speed limit, with only 1% of vehicles travelling at a speed in excess of the threshold for enforcement. The threshold for enforcement being 35mph.


I understand that some residents may perceive that speeds are greater than they are in reality. Unfortunately, this is not something that the Council can overcome. I am happy for these results to be shared in the hope that it gives them some comfort that overall speeds are not excessive.




Steve Croft

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