Billingley Parish Council Minutes 14th March 2016

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 14th March 2016 at 7pm

in Billingley Village Hall.

Present        In Attendance

Cllr M Fenna (Chair) Clerk (Relief) – Julie Beech

Cllr S Fenna 3 residents

Cllr Thompson

Cllr Beech

Cllr Hancock

Cllr Coates

Cllr Saunders

The Chair opened the meeting at 7pm.

Public Participation

No comments made.


Cllr Markham (The Chair asked Cllr Coates to pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery)

Angela Fawcett

Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes which were accepted as a true record.

Matters arising

Local Development – the Billingley Parish Council had recently received updated plans submitted three times previously to BMBC regarding a dwelling on Chapel Lane. There were no changes to the plans. No other plans had been received

Speed Reduction – the Chair had contacted BMBC again regarding speed restrictions through the village and the re-painting of chevrons. These items remained pending. If any resident or interested party wished to contact BMBC directly about potholes they should email

The Chair reported that the bid to the YLCA had been submitted for the laptop and scanner but it could be 2 to 3 months before anything was heard.

Hedge cutting, Back Lane – the farmer had cut the hedge along Back Lane and it had been tidied during the Clean for the Queen event.

Cllr Coates’ feedback –

She had checked with Ian Turner (BMBC) who had confirmed it was acceptable for a parish council to have 1 or 2 bank accounts. He raised the point that the signatures should have been amended with new councillors and that if we wished to close the account it should be done correctly.

Stagecoach were happy to include the lowering of pavement at the bus stop in Billingley in their future plans.

She had been unable to find a fund to assist with speakers’ attendance at local groups but thought that Tanya Dickinson may be able to help with this. She holds surgeries in Darfield library from 10-11.30am on Friday 18th March and 15th April. Her contact number – 07976 366252.

Pipes dumped on Flat Lane – she reported that these pipes were removed shortly after the meeting but did not know how. The Chair advised that he had taken them to the local BMBC dump site where he had been told that these were stolen property and should have been reported to the relevant authorities. On this occasion they were accepted by the dump.

Financial Update

5.1 Due to the importance of the financial regulations for Billingley Parish Council, it was agreed that the revised regulation document circulated from YLCA be discussed at a separate meeting in order that this could be studied and cross-checked with the PC’s current document dated 27th June 2012. The Chair would ask the Clerk to circulate these, if available, electronically or Cllr Thompson would copy and pass on to each Councillor. All Councillors unable to attend the meeting would be asked to pass on their comments prior to the meeting. Action: Chair to contact Clerk to circulate current document or Cllr Thompson would make copies for everyone. Please see Item 9 for details of meeting

5.2 The Chair advised that the Billingley Parish Councils financial position was £3,071.41 which included the £700 grant for the village notice board and cheque number 246 for £90 – the payment for room hire. The notice board had now been ordered and would be paid for when in situ. The Love Where You Live grant monies would be spent during April 2016. The savings account still held £1,665.28.

5.3 New audit rules were being introduced for parish councils. The Chair

reported back from his research that Billingley Parish Council were currently following the same principles as Dalton on Tees PC who had written to the Local Councils Advisory Service for guidance. The question and their reply was read out in full. Paul Clayden (Chief Executive, LCAS) answered that their actions were acceptable. As the Chair was unsure if we opted out whether this would preclude us from opting in, in the future Cllr Coates suggested that he ran this past Ian Turner (Governance Officer, BMBC) to ask his advice. The Chair would contact Ian Turner and clarify with the clerk and subject to their agreement he would circulate information to the Councillors requesting an urgent response. The deadline for this item was 30th March 2016. Action: The Chair to contact Ian Turner and Angela Fawcett. Follow up with circulation of information to Councillors for urgent response.

Ward Alliance Grant update

The Ward Alliance had granted £700 for a new village notice board. The order had now been placed. It would be made of oak with safety glass doors fitted with butterfly catches. A condition of the grant is that small area of the board must be retained for Ward Alliance notices.

BVCA Ltd Grant Application from Ward Alliance update

The Chair had attended the Ward Alliance meeting on 21st January 2016 together with Brian Moore of the Ward Alliance, regarding the bid for alterations to the back step of the Village Hall. The meeting was very sympathetic to this application and had met with their approval. The monies would be with BVCA Ltd in the next 6-8 weeks. Action: Cllr Coates would chase up.

Love Where You Live + Clean for the Queen update

Including Councillors and residents, a total of 16 people attended the 5th March Clean for the Queen event. Although the weather had been terrible on the 4th March it remained kind for the event. The Chair passed a huge thank you for all the work carried out by the volunteers.

High Street had been cleared of soil and debris from Beech House to the farm; High Street from the junction of Back Lane towards Pond House had been cleared of soil and debris; litter had been picked throughout the village; hedges on Back Lane had been tidied and the turn around on Back Lane had been cleared up. The Chair and Cllr Fenna had been to BMBC dump several times to remove all the rubbish.

Following the successfully attended meeting (9

th January 2016) to discuss the Love Where You Live event it was agreed that follow up dates for further clean up sessions needed to be agreed. The first event would be held on Wednesday 20th April 2016 10am-12noon. Cllr Coates suggested inviting the Tidy Team. Action: Cllr Coates to invite Tidy Team

It was suggested that a schedule of clean ups for the remainder of 2016 alternating between Saturdays and weekdays should be agreed.

Risk Assessment and Standing Orders

The current versions of Billingley Parish Councils standing orders and risk assessments had been circulated to all councillors (Chair to check circulation to Cllr Hancock). It was agreed to hold a working party on Wednesday 30th March 2016 to review, discuss and amend the documents as appropriate The Chair asked everyone to read these documents and email or pass their comments on to him as soon as possible. Action: All Councillors to read documents and contact the Chair with comments

Parish Council Working Parties (sub-committees)

It was agreed to hold working parties as necessary to discuss lengthy or detailed items pertaining to standing orders, risk assessments and new financial regulations. Also to ensure the ability for Councillors to create committees / sub- committees / working parties under revised standing orders.

Timelines to be agreed

Items 5, 9, 10 and 11 had been discussed earlier in the meeting.

Item 14 – YLCA Planning Appeal Decisions notice. The lack of an appeal mechanism had caused difficulties for a long time. YLCA had created a petition to reverse this which would give third parties (Local Councils) more opportunities to appeal. 10,000 signatures were required on this petition and Councillors and residents were invited to sign. The deadline for signatures was 19th April 2016 and the petition could be accessed at:

Further time sensitive issues need to be identified and recorded as appropriate in minutes and standing orders.

Fracking Meeting report 7th March 2016

The Chair reported that 25-30 residents had attended the fracking meeting held in the Village Hall on 7th March. The presentation was given by Anne Forsaith, Terry Cook and George Arthur (local anti-fracking group). Residents had found it very informative. The group had offered to return to show an anti-fracking film but

it was agreed that the presentation was sufficient at this time. The one hour film could be viewed on YouTube.

Peter Allison (Wilsden Parish Council) would be invited to a meeting to be held on Friday 15th April 2016 in the Village Hall to present on fracking. Action: The Chair would confirm this date with Mr Allison.

Cllr Hancock declared that she would step back from any future PC decisions because she is totally against fracking.

PC dedicated email address

The Chair informed the meeting that the dedicated email address was functioning.


The YLCA petition had been discussed under item 11.

Ward Alliance had offered local groups a grant up to £500 to be used to hold a fete or community activity. It was suggested that BVCA Ltd utilise these monies to hold an event in Billingley. As the current committee was very small it was further suggested that a grant could be used to help arrange a summer barbeque plus entertainment. Mr Stenton (Chair of BVCA Ltd) would discuss this at their committee meeting (Tuesday 15th March) and feedback. The Parish Council would be willing to assist.

15. AOB’s on the agenda

According to YLCA and NALC guidelines, AOBs should not be on any parish council agenda. Items would be noted for discussion at the following meeting.

The items submitted tonight were:

Timelines and responsibilities (Cllr Beech)

Sensitive issues (Cllr Coates)

Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting – the Annual General Meeting would be held on Monday 9th May 2016 at 7pm.

Future dates had been agreed as follows:

Monday 11th July 2016

Monday 12

th September 2016

Monday 14th November 2016

Monday 9th January 2017

Monday 13th March 2017

Monday 8th May 2017 Annual General Meeting

All meetings would commence at 7pm and be held in the Village Hall.

The Chair closed the meeting closed at 8.15pm and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.

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