Billingley Parish Council Minutes 13.3.17

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 13.3.17 at 6.45pm

Billingley Village Hall


Present                                                         In Attendance


Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna                                                 4 residents

Cllr Beech



The Chair opened the meeting at 6.45pm.




  1. Public Participation


A request was made that the Parish Council make a further appeal for a bus shelter to be situated on Barnsley Road, Billingley Green Lane on the A635. Additionally, the pot holes on Flat Lane need filling in and no action has yet been taken to improve the footpath that runs alongside the A635. Additionally, there has been another incident of fly tipping.  Action: Clerk to follow up.   The previous Chair wished to make it known that at the time of removing the war memorial plaque from the Chapel, he sought somewhere for it to be displayed inside, ideally the Village Hall, but this was declined and no further alternatives were offered.  Consequently, there was no option but to site it next to the current memorial.  This was agreed by the Parish Council at that time.


  1. Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Thompson and Cllr Saunders





  1. Minutes of the Meeting


There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes and the previous minutes were signed by the Chair.  The Chair noted that we must be vigilant; however, with making sure the minutes accurately reflect what is said at meetings.



  1. Declarations of interest


None were raised.



  1. Matters arising


6.1 Speed Reduction – Steve Croft previously contacted the Chair to say the 7 day and weekday combined flow is so low that we don’t have an issue.  Only 1% were travelling at excess of the threshold for enforcement i.e. above 35 mph.  These results were circulated to all residents.  In response to this the Council have received a suggestion by a resident, that we place stickers on wheelie bins regarding the speed limit and speed safety.  Cllr Beech and the other Councilors felt this would be an appropriate step to take; however, we would need to seek permission from Barnsley Council and the Police.


He also stated that there was an article in the Barnsley Chronicle regarding volunteers from the community being trained to monitor traffic and use speed guns within their locality.  Location operations could be suggested by communities.  This might be something we could consider; however, it would clearly need the active support of residents.


Additionally, Cllr Beech has spoken to Woodsetts council regarding how they obtained a digital sign that flashes up the speed cars are travelling.  They come under the jurisdiction of Rotherham Council, who were favorable to the use of these at the time, but now even they are struggling with monies and are unable to fund any more of these projects.


In summary, there are several possible options to consider.  The Cllrs will explore these more prior to the next meeting.



6.2 Great British Clean up Day


This was a successful day with fifteen residents supporting the event on the day and others taking part on the Friday and Saturday.  Thank you to all of the residents for their support.  The Chair reported, however, that since the event, Mr Crapper has cut back the hedges and the debris is now on the pavements/roads again.  Cllr Beech also noted that debris had been left on Back Lane, and wished to extend thanks to the resident who had swept it.


Cllr Beech stated that he felt part of the success was due to it being a national event.  He suggested that our events in the future should be co-ordinated with other national events.  We can then utilise their resources/posters etc. to promote the activity and gain more momentum.


6.3 Feedback from the regional Yorkshire Local Councils Association meeting


Cllr Beech reported that a large part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the restructure of the YLCA from 32 to 22 delegates on the Joint Executive Board and how this could be achieved.  Representation by Parish Councils in terms of planning applications, was discussed; dissatisfaction being expressed that a council’s vote is only counted as one vote.  The National Association for Local Councils intend to lobby for Parish Councils to be given more voting weight.  This being the case, however, they urge Parish Councils to support residents in making objections individually.  Regarding increases in precepts, councils are being asked to show restraint and not to add money for additional projects, but be clear that this is for funding current/existing activities.  The digital transparency fund continues and bids are still invited.  Cllr Beech suggests we should consider whether we apply for anything else i.e. laminator and a further printer for the Chair.  A reminder was issued regarding the transparency code for councils with populations under 25,000.  Cllr Beech commented that we need to comply with this and review our procedures, standing orders etc. to ensure we are fully compliant.  The War Memorial Trust are actively engaged with Historic England in trying to get War Memorials registered, Cllr Beech will explore registering ours.  If it is listed this may help us with achieving funding/grants.


6.4 Memorial Update


In terms of maintaining and repairing the War Memorial, Cllr Beech has spoken to a stone mason who has visited today to inspect our memorial and provide advice.   The stone mason advised that all it requires is granite bleach and use of a pressure washer to clean it, which he suggests we could do ourselves.  They could do it, but the cost would be approximately £600.  The plaque outside, however, is more of a problem. It is made of marble and it will continue to deteriorate with age, unless kept indoors.    He advised the only thing to do is to keep cleaning it, again, with a pressure washer.  It is also suggested we could re-do the lettering ourselves.  The only alternative would be to put a Perspex cover over it.  Cllr Beech has requested that a quote be provided for the maintenance of both so that we can consider it.  Cllr Beech also asked about the plaque in storage and said he could ask someone about this, but if it was marble it would really need to be kept inside.  Action: to consider once the quote is returned.  The Chair advised that Darfield are having some work done on their memorial and have found that CT Butterfields are significantly cheaper than other companies.


  1. Correspondence


A communication has been received from BMBC regarding the operation of Parish Councils.  It is part of a scoping exercise to establish how councils are operating and if they are operating effectively.  The Chair proposed we respond to say that we are operating effectively and wouldn’t suggest any changes are required.  Action: Chair and Clerk to discuss and respond.  


A communication has been forwarded to us from Lynn Bembridge re applying to be part of the Yorkshire’s Back Garden campaign; this has grants attached.  The Chairs view is that we can’t take anything else on above and beyond the Love Where You Live Work at present.


We have received a correspondence from a firm of insurance brokers (Norris and Fisher Insurance Broker LTD), regarding our insurance needs.  We are covered with our present providers for the next twelve months; however, we will keep this for the future.


Clerks direct circulated.



  1. Financial Update


8.1 Invoices/Payments – No receipts since the last meeting.  One Invoice received for the minute book purchased by Cllr Beech – cost £29.99.  A cheque can be issued once Cllr Thompson is available to sign.  Cheque issued for charitable donation of £175 to Bluebell wood – Cheque number 000262 (see item 8.6).


8.2 Balance – The balance remains at £2043.33


Balance sheet of accounts


  Bank Current Account
Date Receipts Payments Cheque Number Balance
9th June 2016 Previous statement balance     £3412.33
28th June 2016   £64.57 – Materials Love where you live 000254 £3347.76
29th June 2016   £412.56 Insurance 000253 £2935.20
8th July 2016   £50.00 for petty cash float 000256 £2885.20
12th July 2016   £10.00 payment to savings account 000255 £2875.20
12th sept 2016   £52.08 Ink cartridge and petrol 000257 £2823.12
12th sept 2016   £380.76 Lap top, scanner, ink cartridges x2 and 000258 £2442.36
13th Sept 16   £103.59 Windows package for lap top 000259 £2338.77
14th Nov 16   £85.44 000260 £2253.33
14th Nov 16   £35.00 000261 £2218.33
13th March 17   £175.00 000262 £2043.33
Not yet issued   £29.99 Not yet issued £2,013.34




Bank Savings Account
Date Opening Balance Receipts Payments Balance
 12th July 2016  £1668.62   £10.00 transfer from current account £1678.62



8.4        Financial Plan


Regular Outgoings Income Current Balance
  Precept £1579.00 £2,013.34 regular account
    £1678.62 savings
£115          YLCA    
£175.00     Charitable donation    
£470          Insurance Zurich    
£35            Poppy wreath    
£90            Room hire    
£175.00     Love where you live associated costs i.e. petrol, maintenance, equipment.    


Please note all costs are approximate.  With spending, as above this would leave a balance of approximately £4210.96 in total or £2532.34 less the savings.


8.5 Precept


The recommendation of the January meeting was that the precept be set at 1.75%, however, thanks to a grant from Barnsley Council this has now been set at 1.42%.


8.6 Charitable donation


As no suggestions have been made by residents, Cllr Beech proposed we ask the Clerk to nominate a charity.  The Clerk nominated Bluebell wood, this was seconded by Cllr S Fenna and carried unanimously.



8.7 Digital transparency funds


Cllr Beech reported that councils could still bid under this pot of monies and encouraged uptake.  A discussion took place as to further equipment we could purchase and it was suggested a second colour printer and a laminator along with the sundries needed for them.  This will be discussed further.



  1. Governance


The Chair asked that all Councillors look at all the governance papers during the next few weeks so that any comments/amendments that were needed to comply with Governance and Compliance be made, with the final documents presented to the annual meeting in May. Action: All Councillors and clerk to review and comment or indicate acceptance of current published documents before end of April



  1. Love where you live campaign.


The Chair asked if we should hold a further meeting to ask residents how they wish to take this forward.  Cllr Beech suggested we follow the national event agenda.  The point was made that any suggestions that are made need the commitment of the villagers to help.  Cllr Beech suggested it stays on the agenda for regular discussion.






  1. Representative for Yorkshire Councils Association (YLCA).


A nomination is required to represent the Parish Council at the YLCA.  This post has voting rights.  The Chair nominated Cllr Beech and this was seconded by Cllr S Fenna.  Cllr Beech agreed.  No formal notification is required.


  1. Changes to planning


The Chair explained that if anything comes from Barnsley Council that effects Billingley or the surrounding area, we should encourage as many residents as possible to respond as the Parish Council only count as one vote.   It was additionally noted that should we need to we can legally copy planning documents we receive.


  1. War Memorial


Cllr Beech will look at registering the War Memorial with Historic England.



  1. Future Meeting Dates



8th May is the Annual Meeting


10th July


11th Sept


13th November.


15th January 2018


12th March 2018


14th May 2018 annual meeting


All to commence at 6.45 and to be held in Billingley Village Hall.



  1. Date and time of the next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Monday 8th May at 6.45pm and will be the Annual Meeting.


The Chair closed the meeting at 7.56pm and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.

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