Billingley Parish Council Minutes 12/09/16

Billingley Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 12/09/16 at 7pm

Billingley Village Hall


Present                                                 In Attendance


Cllr M Fenna (Chair)

Cllr S Fenna                                          1 resident

Cllr Thompson

Cllr Beech




Apologies received from Cllr Saunders.



The Chair opened the meeting at 7pm.



  1. Public Participation


No matters were raised.



  1. Public Admissions to Meeting Act (1960)

It was agreed that there was no need to exclude the public from any part of this meeting.

  1. Minutes of the Meeting


There were no matters of accuracy from the previous minutes of 20/06/2016.



  1. Matters arising


Speed Reduction – Steve Croft hasn’t yet fed back the results of the survey.  If the Chair hasn’t heard from him by end of the month, he will contact him to ask for an update.  Action: Chair


Updates Councillors – As Cllr Coates was not in attendance at todays meeting, no updates were received.  Action: Clerk to contact her to ask for an update to be provided.   This was completed on 13.9.16


Changes to bus service: Regarding changes to the bus service, the Chair has sent a letter, dated 16/7/16, re concerns regarding the company’s plan to terminate the service at Wombwell rather than going all the way to Barnsley. The letter asked them to reconsider this decision.  In response the Bus Partnership have asked the Chair to circulate questionnaires to residents, stating that the more responses they receive the more the argument would be strengthened to continue the service.  The Chair has circulated questionnaires to interested residents.  Action: Closed.


Local Development – Following the meeting on the Barnsley Development Plan (particularly the Dearne Valley Plans) led by Jo Jenkinson,  the Chair has stated and explained the reasons for our objections formally in writing.  These have been forwarded to the planning department by both e mail and post.


Village website – Cllr Beech was to contact Gary Kelsall re the village website and how best we could use it. Cllr Beech reported that the website had already been amended. He would contact Gary Kelsall when we have anything further to add to the site such as future Love Where You Live information/photographs  Action: Cllr Beech on going.


Footpaths – The footpaths were cut back in August.


Hedge Cutting – Cllr Thompson/the Chair will ask the local farmers when they are planning on cutting the hedges back.  Action: Cllr Thompson/Chair.



  1. Financial Update






Regarding the returned unspent money from the defibrillator  grant, the Chair has contacted Tanya Dickinson who says they will not cash the cheque and we can spend the monies.  The cheque was for £41.90.


The Lap top and printer have now been purchased at a total cost of £484.35.  This includes lap top, scanner, windows package, x 2 ink cartridges (colour and black and white).  The Clerk will pass the invoices to the Chair for a cheque to be issued.  Action: Clerk.


£10 has been paid into the savings account to keep it live (as per agreement at the previous meeting).



Year End Audit – The accounts have been approved, with few minor issues to note, which the Clerk will discuss with Mr Watters; who kindly completed the audit.  The Chair noted the need to make sure the dates of next years meeting were set to allow plenty of time for the accounts to be completed, signed off at a meeting and returned.  Action: Clerk


The last statement received was dated 26/7/16 the balance shown was £2875.20


Balance sheet of accounts


  Bank Current Account  
Date Receipts Payments Cheque Number Balance  
9th June 2016 Previous statement balance     £3412.33  
28th June 2016   £64.57 – Materials Love where you live 000254 £3347.76  
29th June 2016   £412.56 Insurance 000253 £2935.20  
8th July 2016   £50.00 for petty cash float 000256 £2885.20  
12th July 2016   £10.00 payment to savings account 000255 £2875.20  
12th sept 2016   £52.08 Ink cartridge and petrol 000257 £2823.12  
12th sept 2016   £380.76 Lap top, scanner, ink cartridges x2 and 000258 £2442.36  
13th Sept 2016   £103.59 Windows package for lap top 000259 £2338.77  



Bank Savings Account
Date Opening Balance Receipts Payments Balance
 12th July 2016  £1668.62   £10.00 transfer from current account £1678.62




  1. Love Where you Live


The next event will be held on 15th October – the Autumn Clean up.  Ways of encouraging more people to take part were discussed.  Cllr Beech Suggested holding another meeting next year to try and re-energise the campaign.


  1. Remembrance Sunday


The Chair will ask Mr D Finney if he will do the service and approach Mr T Smith from the British Legion to ask if he would order the wreath.  The Clerk will ask one of the committee if the village hall can be opened again afterwards for tea and biscuits.  This can be then promoted on the notice boards.    Action: Clerk to approach committee and Chair to contact Mr Finney and Mr Smith


  1. Christmas Lights


The Chair expressed concern that using the ladder to put up the lights was not safe and as a consequence he would ask the local farmers if they could assist in providing a cherry picker to those who would be decorating the village Christmas Tree Action: Chair to approach the farmers.



  1. Governance and Accountability


Council documents will be electronically backed up on a regular basis onto a memory stick. Action: Clerk to back up documents


The Chair reported the Clerk had checked and contractor’s indemnity insurance was not included in our current insurance policy.



  1. Communications


The Chair has received a communication from Live Well Barnsley re promoting the council.  Action: The Chair will consider and respond if appropriate.


The Chair has received notice of a free workshop SYFAB to be held on 27/9/16 re applying for funding.  The Chair will attend to enquire if assistance is available with the speed reduction matter should we need to resort to self-funding. The Chair will also let BVCA know.  Action: Chair. 


A correspondence has been received informing of a change of date for the South Yorkshire Local Council meeting. Cllr Beech agreed to attend this.   Action: Cllr Beech.





  1. Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on Monday 14th November 2016 at 7pm.



The Chair closed the meeting closed at 8 pm and thanked all for their attendance and contribution.

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